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Barton County Mutual
Barton County Mutual

Barton Mutual is a Missouri based insurance company that writes Homeowners, Farmowners, Mobile Homeowners, Condominiums, Rentals and Seasonals, and Commercial properties.

Preferred type customers who have decent credit and/or continuous insurance will find that Barton will have insurance rates that are practically unbeatable.  Get A Property Insurance Quote Now

What is a Mutual Insurance Company?
The mutual concept, created by Benjamin Franklin, is a cost-effective way of buying insurance. It means your premium dollar buys only insurance. Nothing goes to investors.

Barton's sole mission is, service through insurance and is exclusively sold throug independent agents like Discount Insurance Group who are located in your community. 

Contact Barton Mutual Group Insurance

Barton Mutual Group
P.O. Box 99
120 South Main Street
Liberal, MO 64762

Telephone: 417-843-6265
Fax: 866-535-4798