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Company Info
Company Info

Who is Discount Insurance Group?

We are an independent insurance agency that specializes in personal insurance products for customers in multiple states.  It is our goal to provide non-biased price comparisons and V.I.P. service for all customers.
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Our Specialty
Auto, Sr22, Motorcycle, Home, Health, Life

Our Difference
All customers are welcomed.  Even with a bad driving record or claims history, we welcome you with open arms.

Our Advantage
A multi-quote process gives the customer non-bias access to quotes from several different insurance companies.

Our Prices
We don't want to get beaten on price!  It is our primary mission to provide quality insurance products at the best possible price.

Our Claim To Fame
Giving customers the ability to compare several top rated insurance companies in one place is how we have become Famous For Low Insurance Rates. 

The Beginning -  A New Insurance Philosophy
In 1998, when our Cape Girardeau Insurance Agency was opened, the insurance industry was still very old fashioned to say the least.  Companies like Geico and Progressive were barely even known.  Most insurance applications were handwritten, and internet quotes were just a joke.

We started at that time using the name "Tex Barnes Insurance Agency" and quickly gained attention with our slogan of "That's No Baloney".   We worked hard to offer customers quick and accurate quotes.  While many insurance companies and agencies were often being accused of bait and switch techniques, our straight forward approach became extremely popular.  New technology was embraced to offer efficiencies and secure an early footing in the age of the internet.

In no time at all - the  "Tex Barnes" name became well known for auto insurance in the Cape Girardeau area.  Car dealerships became a great referral resource and other local agencies began sending their high risk drivers to us.

A New Era - Nationwide Fame
Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois residents have long known that we are Famous for Low Insurance Rates.  Now it is time to give the rest of the country a chance to benefit from our multi-quote technology.  A new name and a new look was adopted in 2009, but our core mission remains the same as always - we help you save money on high quality insurance products.

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