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Electronic Insurance Cards Approved For Missouri

The insurance industry has finally embraced the smartphone revolution.  Effective August 28, 2013, Missouri drivers will Insurance Card on Smartphonehave the ability to prove they have auto insurance by displaying an insurance id card on a smartphone or other portable electronic device.

“The Electronic ID card is something that I suggested way back in 2011,” says Brian Barnes of Discount Insurance Group.  “I have seen a lot of customers misplace their paper insurance card, but rarely do they loose their smartphone.”

With customers all across the country, Discount Insurance Group has been providing insurance documents by email for several years.  Until just recently, the insured was forced to print the id card to place in the vehicle, now they can simply save the file on their phone to display when needed.

New technology has greatly improved the process of buying and servicing insurance policies.  Online insurance quotes and document delivery make it convenient for the customer and efficient for agencies like Discount Insurance Group who implement the most advanced electronic methods.

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