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Haulers Insurance Company Inc.
Haulers Insurance Company Inc.

Haulers Insurance offers policies with a preferred level of service for personal and commercial insurance customers.  Because they live and work in suburban America, they understand the needs and opportunities of agencies in this marketplace as well. Haulers Insurance was formed in 1986. Since then they have grown and evolved into a regional company offering a wide array of competitive personal and commercial auto related insurance products.  Hauler Insurance is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best & Co.

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1. Preferred Auto Insurance
2. Standard Auto Insurance
3. Auto Dealers Insurance
4. Business Auto Insurance
5. Garagekeepers Insurance
6. Commercial Property Insurance
7. Tow Trucks for Hire Insurance

Contact Information for Haulers Insurance Company

Mailing Address
Haulers Insurance Company
PO Box 270
Columbia, TN 38402-0270

Make A Payment
(877) 765-3690
Online Payments www.haulersinsurance.com Requires Registration

Billing Questions
(877) 765-3690

24/Hour Claims Reporting
(866) 665-1003