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New Office Opens in Jackson License Bureau

The Jackson, MO office has been closed.
Please visit our Cape Girardeau Insurance Agency

Getting a vehicle registered is one of those things that is about as much fun as… well… buying car insurance. For those in and around Jackson, MO, both tasks can now be completed in the same building.
Jackson location of Discount Insurance Group
Discount Insurance Group has added an additional location in Jackson, MO. The new office located at 125 East Main Street is in the same building as the Jackson License Bureau.

The Jackson insurance agency will open November 1, 2010. “Our goal is convenience,” says Brian Barnes the agency owner. “An additional location wasn’t really in the plan for this year, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. Car insurance and vehicle registrations go hand in hand so it seemed like a good idea to put an office about 5 feet away from where people get their license plates. I can compare a dozen insurance companies against each other in about 3 minutes.”

Over the last 12 months, Discount Insurance Group has grown by leaps and bounds. Its services and products are now available to customers in 7 states. The internet has been a driving force in the agency’s expansion which now has customers from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach.

“Technology doesn’t change the fact that some customers still appreciate doing business face to face,” says Barnes. “Most of our competitors have stopped taking cash payments but we still offer that option. With the new location, our customers can come into either office.”

The Jackson License Bureau has a great reputation for offering fast and friendly service. It is common for people in nearby towns to use the Jackson License Bureau instead of the one in their own hometown. “I can compare a dozen insurance companies against each other in about 3 minutes,” says Barnes.

Both locations can be reached by using the main telephone number (573) 339-1100.

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