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Ohio Latest State for Discount Insurance Group

Over the years, numerous Ohio drivers have contacted Discount Insurance Group for help with their auto insurance.  Those requests can finally be fulfilled!  Ohio State Map

Ohio becomes the most recent state for the agency to open.  Other states include Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Demand in Ohio is expected to be robust considering that the state has several large metro areas like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Columbus.  While specializing in high risk sr22 filings, the agency also offers Ohio customers access to insurance for motorcycle, rv, boat, and even snowmobile.

“Comparing multiple insurance companies is a convenient service that we provide”, says Brian Barnes.  People looking to get a great price on insurance can make one call to Discount Insurance Group and compare several policies side by side.  This capability can save the customer a lot of time and money. 

Well known insurance providers like Geico, Progressive, and State Farm typically only provide coverage through their one specific brand.

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