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Non Owner SR22 Insurance
Non Owner SR22 Insurance

The non-owner sr22 policy is intended for individuals who do not own or have regular access to a vehicle.  If your license has been suspended, it may be a good way to satisfy the state financial responsibility requirements.

No car - No problem!
That's right, we can insure you.  We know which companies are hungry for your business and which ones have best rates.  Get started by requesting your quote now.  The form is short and the prices are low!

What Does a Non-Owner Policy Cover?
Basically, a non-owner policy provides very little coverage.  The non-owner policy provides limited liability coverage if you drive a vehicle that is owned by someone else that is not insured.  Compare Prices for Sr22

Be Very Carefull!  Most states require the actual vehicle to be insured, so in this case, you could lose your license for driving an uninsured vehicle. If you have a non-owner policy, make sure that any vehicle you drive is insured by the vehicle owner.  If you happen to purchase a vehicle and have a non-owner policy, you must contact the insurance company to add the vehicle before any coverage will apply.

Sample Scenario
Billy doesn't own a vehicle so he purchased a Missouri Non-owner Sr22 policy from Discount Insurance Group to get his license reinstated.  The Sr22 was sent to the State and they promptly reinstated his license.  Two months later, Billy borrowed his girlfriend's car to run to the grocery store.  On his way to the store, the tire blew out and Billy hit a parked car and did massive damage to his girlfriend's car and the car that he hit.  Unfortunately, the girlfriend did not have liability insurance on her car.

What Happened?  Billy & his girlfriend both got their driver's license suspended for the vehicle being uninsured.  The non-owner sr22 policy paid the claim for fixing the parked  car but no coverage applied for fixing the girlfriend's car.

What is an sr22 filing?
It is a piece of paper that is sent to your state dmv indicating that you have an active liability insurance policy.  It is an extra hassle for the insurance company and not all companies will be willing to do the filing.  Get an Sr22 Quote

How to get your license reinstated quickly?
We offer Express License reinstatement for some states.  Notify your agent and let them know that you are in a hurry.

The Sr22, reinstatement fee, and fax request are sent via overnight express mail to the State Licensing Department.  In most cases, your license can be reinstated the very next day.  An Express Fee will be charged for this service plus any applicable state fees.