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License Reinstatement

With Express License Reinstatement - You Could Be Legal To Drive Tomorrow!

Get your license reinstated as early as tomorrow with our Express License Reinstatement option. If you want your driver’s license fast – this is the way to go.

How it works
1. you buy an sr22 insurance policy
2. we determine your reinstatement requirements
3. we collect your reinstatement fee
4. we collect a $2 faxing fee
5. we overnight your sr22, reinstatement fee, and fax authorization letter to the State
6. you receive a written authorization to drive the very next day

Get Started Now - Request a Non-owner Sr22 quote

Without Express Service - the reinstatement process can take 3-5 business days after your documents are received by the State. But, since we have helped thousands of people get their license reinstated, the State will normally accept and process our payment and documents much quicker. 

Don't wait for the State to mail your reinstatement letter, they fax it to us. Once received in our office, it can then be forwarded to you by fax or email. There is no need for you to wait another week just to receive the reinstatement letter.

How to get the Express License Reinstatement
Just ask your agent when you purchase the sr22 insurance policy. We will call the State and help determine exactly what needs to be done in order to get your license reinstated right away.

How much does the Express License Reinstatement Cost?
Your overall cost will be the total of the following elements
1. State Reinstatement Fee
2. Sr22 insurance (1st month & activation)
3. Faxing Fee of $2 to the State
4. Express Handling Fee $35
The above example is based upon on a typical situation. It is possible that you may also be required to pay outstanding violations or restitution.

Remember to ask your Agent about the Express License Reinstatement Option!