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Progressive Snapshot Discount Could Save You Hundreds

The agents at Discount Insurance Group are all about helping you get the best possible insurance price and theProgressive Insurance Logo Progressive Snapshot Discount is the latest and greatest way of getting a better price.  Not all Progressive agents are authorized to offer the Snapshot Program. 

"I absolutely love helping people save money”, says Brian Barnes of Discount Insurance Group. “I see no downside to Snapshot and it won't be used to increase your rates. In most situations that I have seen, the customer saves a lot of money!  We have been offering this for about six months and the feedback from customers has been very positive."

Customers can sign up by contacting their Progressive Agent.  A small box with the device and instructions will be sent to the customer for free.  There is no cost to participate.  It is easy to install and it is practically invisible in the vehicle.

Is Snapshot a fit for me?
If you avoid hard braking or stop–and–go driving, drive fewer than 30 miles per day, or avoid driving between midnight and 4 a.m., then you’re likely to save with Snapshot.

Snapshot focuses on how, how far, and when you drive, NOT where you drive. The Snapshot device does not contain GPS technology and does not track vehicle location or whether you’re exceeding the speed limit. We also don’t know who is driving the car in which the device is plugged in.

How much can I save?
At renewal, you could save up to 30% off of each participating vehicle’s premium based on your driving information.

Is my vehicle eligible?
To participate in Snapshot, you'll need at least one 1996 model-year or newer vehicle on your policy.  A valid email account is also required.

Some restrictions may apply.  See your agent for full details. 
More Information about the Progressive Snapshot Program

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