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Scooter Insurance Required In Cape Girardeau

Riding a scooter is an inexpensive and even fun way to get around.  They are popular with students and local commuters all around the Cape Girardeau area.  A few recent accidents have brought scooter laws to the forefront and changes are to be implemented.

Scooter operators are (as of 11/16/12) required to purchase insurance, wear a helmet and limit travel to roads with speed limits of 35mph or less.

About Scooter Insurance
"Scooters" have a motor of 50cc or less and have historically not been required to carry insurance.  The new law means that the operator will be required to carry at least minimum liability coverage just like a motorcycle or automobile. 

The Good News
Scooter insurance is very cheap.  It can be purchased with just liability or "full coverage".  Just like motorcycle and auto insurance, the driver's age and driving record will affect the pricing.  Discount Insurance Group is an independent agency in Cape Girardeau that has access to multiple companies offering scooter insurance.  With just one call, you can compare several policies and even buy the coverage over the telephone.

Buying Scooter Insurance
For a no-obligation price on scooter insurance call 573-339-1100.

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