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Sr22 Insurance Pricing in Cape Girardeau

Sr22 insurance can be cheaper than you think but it is important to look for it in the right place.  Well-known insurance companies like State Farm typically won’t offer it and rumors are plentiful about the sr22 costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Most people have never even heard of SR22 until they find out that they actually need one.  It becomes a requirement mandated by the State for a driver to get a license reinstated following a DWI or too many violations.

Cape Girardeau, MO is the home of Discount Insurance Group, an insurance agency that proudly specializes in sr22 insurance.  They have the ability to compare up to 14 different sr22 policies side by side in just a few minutes.  This multi-rate technology makes it easy for a customer to find a low rate without the hassle of contacting multiple insurance companies.

If you need an sr22 it is best to get some prices right away.  Quotes can be requested online or on the telephone.  Pricing is based upon several factors including age, vehicle, and driving history.  “Our customers are often shocked at just how cheap the sr22 can be” says Brian Barnes of Discount Insurance Group.

A lot of people don’t realize that the Sr22 is just a special type of car insurance.  It includes an amendment referred to as a “Financial Responsibility Filing” that is sent to the state’s Motor Vehicle Department. 

Discount Insurance Group currently provides sr22 policies for customers in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina.  “We have done several thousand sr22 filings and work hard to make the process easy.  We can even help with the license reinstatement process” says Barnes. 

For more Sr22 info call (573) 339-1100 or request an online sr22 quote.

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