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Traders Insurance
Traders Insurance

Traders Insurance is a privately owned, local Midwest Company providing insurance services since 1976 based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Their focus is on non-standard, specialty automobile business and we currently provide services in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Traders offers a very low price for Non-owner Sr22 policies.

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Our mission extends beyond simply providing minimum coverage and minimum price. For our policyholders, we strive to provide hard working men and women with quality, affordable, easy to understand insurance. We work with some of the best independent agents we can find and are dedicated to protecting families who trust us with their insurance.

Because our customers are smart, they receive the best value for their money. Traders Insurance tailors car insurance that not only meets legal requirements but extends to physical damage protection as well. We offer many discounts that can make our already low cost insurance even lower. We make our insurance affordable and easy to buy, while providing the quality coverage you need.

We make it easy to start your policy with us no matter who you are:

* We offer one month down payments
* We allow reinstatements without new applications
* We accept foreign licenses
* We give good rates for people with poor credit & bad driving records.

We accept payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to fulfill our promise to provide our policyholders with the best possible customer service when it’s most convenient.