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Vacant Home Insurance
Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant homes are something that most insurance companies avoid like the plague but at Discount Insurance Group, we specialize in this type of insurance policy. In fact… We Love Vacant Homes!

A Regular Home Owner Policy Doesn’t Cover a Vacant Home
If you have been living in the home and have the typical policy from companies like State Farm, Allstate, or American Family, your coverage may become null and void if you vacate the premises. A special vacant home policy is needed to cover your property properly. Don’t leave this to chance, start by getting a vacant home insurance quote.

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What Should Be Insured As a Vacant Home?
Homes in the Vacant Program can be for sale, in the name of an estate, or under renovation. We'll accept vacant homes valued up to $1 million, and there is no restriction on the age of the home.

Request a Vacant Home Insurance Quote

Investment Property
If you have purchased a home to remodel and eventually rent out, it can insured as a vacant home and easily converted to a tenant occupied policy upon request.

Landlords and Property Developers
Multiple properties can be covered on the same policy for convenience and savings. When you purchase additional properties, they can also be added to the existing policy. Having multiple properties on the same policy will normally provide substantial discounts.

How Much Does Vacant Home Insurance Cost?
Because a vacant home presents a different set of risks, the price is typically a bit higher than an owner occupied home. Most policies will have a minimum earned premium but can be cancelled at anytime with the unused/unearned premium being refunded.  Request a custom price quote now

Realtors Should Advise Sellers About Vacant Home Coverage
As a real estate professional, you can help your clients avoid a potential disaster. Once the owner moves out of the residence, a vacant home policy is required. The traditional home-owner policy is likely to decline a claim when it is discovered that the insured is not residing in the home. Help your customer by requesting a vacant home quote today.

Getting The Best Price on Home Insurance
Insurance companies consider different factors when determining their rates and that is why Discount Insurance Group has access to more than 100 Insurance Companies. It is this access that allows us to provide side-by-side insurance quotes without bias. Our agents can help you tailor a policy to meet your needs and budget. Start Now