Telemedicine Healthcare Plan

24/7 Access To Doctors & Nurses

Doctors available by phone or video

6 Month Plan – Only $50

Start your plan today! Gain access to healthcare for yourself and  immediate family members.

Quick & Easy Activation By Telephone. The one time fee provides a 6 month membership.

Immediate Access To Healthcare

With this low-cost plan, you receive access to board-certified US licensed physicians who consult, diagnose, and if needed prescribe medication for common and acute illnesses.

On-Demand Convenience

Receive a remote consultation with a live nurse on the spot by phone or high definition video.

Common Conditions Treated

Allergies, Asthma, Brochitis, Cold & Flu, Ear Infections, Diarrhea, Fever, Sinus Infections, UTI’s, Pink Eye, Rashes, Nausea, Insect Bites

Yes, I am interested in a plan providing 24/7 access to doctors and nurses. Please contact me with more info.

If you don’t have health insurance, an injury or illness can be very scary and expensive.  A tele-medicine plan gives its members the experience of being in a doctor’s office without actually going to the doctor.  You get the convenience of being seen at virtually any time!

  • No appointment needed 
  • No crowded waiting room
  • No traffic to avoid
  • No insurance required

Quick Prescriptions

Why drive across town or wait in a crowded and germ filled waiting room just to get a simple prescription for a common illness?  You don’t have to! Get your plan started today.

No Extra Charge For Family

Your membership id will work for your immediate family members in the same household.  This is specifically beneficial if you have children. You do NOT need a seperate plan for each person.

Low Co-Pay

If your consultation requires a prescription or doctor’s diagnosis, a $25 copay will apply. This can be paid by telephone using a credit card.

Discount Prescriptions

Prescriptions will be called into your local pharmacy. Your member id entitles you to a discount normally ranging from 10-15%.

Quick 5-Minute Activation – Call Us Today!