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Winter Weather Is Time For A Roadside Assistance Plan

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Driving through winter weather

Southeast Missouri has just been hit with it’s first ice and snow storm of 2021 but it probably won’t be the last one. KFVS12 is predicting more winter weather to hit our area next week.

Prepare For The Unexpected

When temperatures hover around 20 degrees, and black ice is covering the road; you should certainly think about your safety before heading out.

What if you slide off the road or have a flat tire?  Cold winter temperatures are extra tough on your battery too.  It could be fine today and totally dead tomorrow.

Roadside Assistance Plans Are Cheap

With a good roadside assistance plan, help can be just a phone call away.  Instead of trying to find a friend or relative to pull you out of a ditch, you can just call the toll-free number to dispatch help. A basic roadside plan only costs about .28 cents per day.  This is a small price to pay for the piece of mind it can provide.

Freezing Temperatures Are Especially Dangerous

Getting yourself out of a jam in the winter is far more dangerous than during the summer-time.  If you break down in freezing temperatures, your safety becomes a primary concern.  If your car is still running; do you have enough gas to keep the car warm?

Get A Roadside Plan Before You Need It

Hopefully, this weather will pass soon, and we can all look forward to an early spring.  But before that time comes, it is a good idea to consider an emergency roadside plan.  Discount Insurance Group has several options available and is happy to help.