Free Hardship Filing

Most people call it a “hardship” but what they are really referring to is the Missouri Limited Driving Privilege.

A hardship can legally allow you to drive to and from specific places like work, childcare, school, etc.

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It is important to complete your application properly. Putting down the wrong information can lead to delay or outright denial.  

Our Tips & Tricks Can Increase Your Chances Of Approval!

The process must be followed in the correct order for success. Make sure that all parts come together at the same time for the best result.

Discount Insurance Group in Cape Girardeau has been helping suspended drivers navigate the complexities of license reinstatement since 1998. During this time, more than 10,000 sr22 filings have been successfully submitted.

If your license is suspended and not yet eligible for reinstatement, then you may be able to obtain a hardship. Approval is solely up to the people in Jefferson City, but Discount Insurance Group can help you get things going in the right direction.

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Hardship Application assistance is available for Missouri customers only.  Each customer must have  a current Sr22 Filing from Discount Insurance Group to be eligible.

We can’t tell you for sure if your hardship will be approved and approval is not guaranteed. Do not drive without a valid license or official authorization from the state.

Are You Eligible For License Reinstatement?

If your suspension period has already passed, then a Missouri License Reinstatement would be more appropriate. 

This handy guide will provide you the suggested steps for reinstatement of your Missouri Driver’s License.