Missouri License Reinstatement

The Missouri Driver’s License can be suspended for numerous reasons including; point accumulation, DWI, driving without insurance, child support violation, possession of dugs, etc. The Sr22 Filing is a normal requirement to reinstate a Missouri license that has been suspended.

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Suggested Steps For Reinstatement

Missouri will send you a letter that specifically lists your requirements to reinstate. If you do not receive the letter, call (573) 751-7195 and ask for a list of your reinstatement requirements.

You may have special requirements like SATOP, ignition interlock, or a damage judgement to fulfill.

Most people can just go to the next step.

Missouri will allow the sr22 to be filed with any of the following; auto policy, non-owner policy, motorcycle policy.

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This amount should be stated in your requirements letter. If you aren’t sure what fees to pay, call the state at (573) 751-7195 or check your reinstatement fee online.

Missouri Is One Of The Easier States To Get A License Reinstated

  • The sr22 can be filed electronically, by fax,green-light or by mail.
  • Limited Driving Privilege (hardship) is often available.
  • Reinstatement fees are low compared to other states.
  • Online fee payments
  • Express License Reinstatement is available.

Good News if you carry sr22. Missouri is more lenient than many other states if you have a lapse in your policy. You will be given a grace period to get your insurance reinstated before the state suspends your license for failure to meet proof of financial responsibility.

Missouri makes it easy to pay your reinstatement fee online with credit or debit card.

Don’t know the amount of your reinstatement fee?  Use this handy tool to Retrieve Your Reinstatement Payment Amount Due.

Check Missouri License or Sr22 Status

(573) 751-7195

Automated Info 24/7

Mailing Address
Missouri Dept. of Revenue
Driver & Vehicle Services
PO Box 200
Jefferson City, MO 65150-0200

Filing Form Sr-22

Drivers can be easily confused by the state when it indicates “you must file proof of financial responsibility form sr22”. This can lead people to believe that they need to actually fill out some kind of form and send it in. 

The sr22 form will be done by your insurance agent or company. Do not try to fill it out yourself.

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