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Online Car Insurance Now Available For Missouri

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A completely online option to purchase car insurance has just been announced by Discount Insurance Group, a Cape Girardeau insurance agency. At this time, the online purchase option is only available for Missouri residents.

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Speaking with a knowledgeable and helpful agent is still the best way to buy car insurance. But what if you need insurance after the office is closed?

Instant Coverage Completely Online

The online quote & buy option has returned to the Discount website. It is a great option for the customer that is wanting car insurance after hours or on the weekend. The process is quick and easy.

  • Liability or Full Coverage
  • Tickets, accidents ok
  • Foreign drivers ok
  • SR22 Filings
  • Sign online
  • Instant Id cards

Service After The Sale

This buy online option comes with support from the team at Discount Insurance Group. They can help with any questions or changes that need to be handled after your policy is purchased.

Customers Can Choose Their Best Option

two best quotes
Only The Two Best Prices Will Be Shown Online

When Is Buy Online The Right Choice?

Buying insurance online is the DIY approach for someone who is comfortable enough to select the coverage and features without the help of an insurance professional. If you need insurance on the weekend or late at night, then the online option may be a good fit.

Buying online is also an option for those that prefer to handle business without speaking to another person. Everything can be done on the screen with no human interaction what-so-ever. If the customer later needs personal assistance, Discount Insurance Group has that available too.

“Even with thousands of  customers, we like to know people by their name and not a policy number.”

How Is The Pricing?

Initial testing has shown the online pricing to be very good for a wide range of driver types. Customers are encouraged to provide accurate information in order to return the most accurate price quotes. The system is very accepting of people who have violations or accidents. It will even allow policies for those with a foreign or international license.