Cape Girardeau Sr22 Pricing

Finding a low rate on sr22 insurance in the Cape Girardeau area can be quite easy. That is because this area is home to the high-risk specialty agency, Discount Insurance Group Cape Girardeau.

Service is provided for customers throughout the entire states of Missouri & Illinois, but it is in this specific area where the agency is best known.

The Cape Girardeau Area includes several counties and multiple states

The Mississippi river creates the border between Missouri and Illinois and it is quite common for people from the Illinois towns of McClure, Tamms or Thebes to travel across the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge to do their shopping in Cape Girardeau. It is also quite common for an Illinois resident to get caught driving without insurance while in Missouri, or vise versa.

License reinstatement procedures and sr22 requirements will vary by state but the basic principles are the same.

ten thousand sr22 filings
Discount Insurance Group has submitted more than 10,000 sr22 filings

What Is Sr22?

The sr22 is proof that you are carrying at least the state minimum liability insurance. This can be done on a regular car insurance policy, motorcycle policy, or nonowner policy. 

If it is your first time needing sr22, stay calm.  The horror stories that you hear are not true.  Getting sr22 insurance can be very easy and affordable but you must go about the right way.

Do You Need SATOP?

If your suspension is due to an alcohol or drug conviction, it is likely that you will be required to complete a State Accredited Traffic Offender Program before being eligible for reinstatement.  There are several SATOP locations in the Cape Girardeau Area.

Other Reinstatement Requirements

Have you paid your reinstatement fee to the state yet? You probably have one. Make sure to check your reinstatement requirements before assuming that the sr22 is the only thing needed.

Check Missouri Requirements 

Check Illinois Requirements

Don’t Wait To Get Your Sr22 Quotes

It is important to contact a sr22 specialist as soon as you learn of the need. Your insurance rate will be related to what is (or is not) on your driving record. Someone who is skilled at getting the best price will be able to help you decide when it is the best time to buy yours. This tip could save you a lot of money!

How Much Does It Cost?

This is what most people really want to know. The answer will vary depending upon things like; age, address, driving record, and current insurance status. You have probably seen rates on the internet for “as low as $19 per month” but that will only be possible in the most perfect situations.

Comparing Multiple Insurance Companies

Discount Insurance Group uses Multi-Quote Technology. This means that you only give your information one time but get the price from many different insurance companies.

Prices will be from well-known companies – and also some that you have never heard of. It is the smaller and lesser known companies that usually have the best price.

Car insurance quote comparisons

SR22 Rates In The Cape Girardeau Area

Some customers are surprised to learn that where you live is a pricing factor.

If you live in the Cape Girardeau Area then your sr22 rates will be lower than if you were to live in St. Louis or Kansas City.  Small towns like Perryville, Sikeston, and Scott City typically have a lower claim and fraud rate than the bigger cities.

More rural areas like Cape Girardeau also have less traffic and shorter commutes to work or school. Insurance companies take many factors into consideration when establishing their rates.

A Local Sr22 Expert
An sr22 specialist like Discount Insurance Group has access to sr22-friendly insurance companies that you can’t access on your own. In just a few minutes, prices from 10 different companies can be compared.

The best part is – you get to the buy the best one on the same phone call. You can save time and money!

Next Steps:

Request Sr22 Quotes

Check Missouri Reinstatement Requirements

Check Illinois Reinstatement Requirements

No Car? No Problem?
You can get a non-owner policy with sr22